We get to work. We are not about theory and just talking, but real change that brings about growth for you as a leader, your leadership team and your organization.



Executive Coaching for Leaders + Teams

Do you sense your leadership team could be more synchronized? More effective? Are they leading your organization rapidly toward success? Base Camp is a 6-12 month program in which Lead Coach Bing Oliver works one-on-one with you in a three step process:


  1. Identify where you are. Our initial free consult will show you quickly and clearly where you are as a leader and leadership team.
  2. Define your Goal. Clarify where you want to be and ensure your team has its sights set on the same goal.
  3. Create a map and climb together. Peake uses an array of tools and assessments to help you reach your goals and partners with you to ensure you are on track.


At the end of the coaching cycle, we will review and celebrate success. Many of our clients then choose the next mountain to climb and we repeat the process.



Mastermind Coaching for Individual Growth

Do you ever wonder if your day-to-day tasks and habits are supporting your big goals and purpose? While Base Camp is focused on your business and your team; Climbing Camp is about YOU. Climbing Camps occur multiple times a year and bring together individuals who want to live intentionally. Participants gather for a half-day to learn the latest in effectiveness tools, to create a one-page plan for their next quarter and to gain insight and encouragement from like-minded leaders. You will complete a simple and effective plan for their next quarter. Clients who have repeated this process over the course of a year or more have achieved significant goals, such as starting a new business, writing a book or running a marathon. Whatever your personal and professional goals are, Climbing Camp is designed to help you achieve them.



Keynote Speaking + Workshop Facilitation

Are your customer contact team members delivering world-class experiences for your customers? Peake offers high-energy workshops to develop your entire team. Our leading-edge workshop is LEAN Traction. In just three hours, we teach your people to add tremendous value to your customers – by leading each person to identify waste (non-value activity) in their work world and to eliminate that waste. This is the essence of LEAN manufacturing applied to service and other industries – ongoing, continuous improvement where the works is being done.

Bing is available as a Keynote Speaker. He is known for his highly engaging style, innovative ideas and strong bias toward action. He speaks on such topics as organizational change, creativity in the workplace, creating a learning organization and how to make your work make a difference in the world. He tends to get the attention of both seasoned professionals and emerging leaders.

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