My leaders and I are in our second year working with Peake Coaching. It has been great to see their growth as a team and as business leaders. Their growth is helping our entire team grow and better serve our guest and each other. 

Justin Day
Owner/Operator, Chick-fil-A Villa Rica

Bing has played a big role in my growth as a leader. He is a friend, coach and mentor. His wisdom, experience and approach to things have influenced my life in many ways. I have had the pleasure to serve for him and also work side to side with him and in both situation he has helped me grow and see things in different perspectives. He always challenges me and pushes me to be the best version of myself that I can be. When in need I know that I can call him and he will help me in every situation. Bing is a close friend who has helped shape my life in a better way.

Hugo Paredes
Operations Director, Chick-fil-A Rockmart

Before Base Camp, I was in a bit of a proverbial fog. I had an intact leadership team but we were unclear on how we should structure our meetings, divide the work and get things done. In short, we were not as effective as I would like us to be. After 6 months with Bing as our coach, we now have a clear schedule of very effective meetings. We are clear on what we want to accomplish and effective at getting it done.  In short, we have traction. Working with Bing has helped us see our potential and has channeled that potential into action and results. I highly recommend Bing as a leadership effectiveness and team coach. Worth every penny!

John Stone
Vice President of Operations, Halstead New England

Attending Peake Climbing Camp gave a breath of fresh air to my hopes and dreams! I was inspired to put a plan in motion to work towards all my desires and goals for the future. It was just the push I needed to focus my energy in all the right directions.

Gail Brewer
Director of Quality, Chick-fil-A Rockmart

Quarterly Pocket Coach (Climbing Camp) helped me clearly visualize my monthly and quarterly goals in a unique and realistic way. It created more accountability for myself, increased my productivity, and ultimately accomplished more.

Zach Ayers
Corporate Trainer, Chick-fil-A Inc.

For years I have had the privilege of Bing’s friendship. Our deep, heart-to-heart conversations have revealed a man who has gone to the mountain tops and walked through the valleys of the shadow of death. He has faced, endured and overcome hardships in his life. Together we have  grappled with our own brokenness, and he has emerged a man in the truest sense—growing, whole, healthy, sensitive and aware, loving and kind. These internal qualities don’t begin to touch on his extensive skills in leading and coaching people to their highest levels. Bing himself has reached for his peak. That’s why he can help others reach theirs!  

Barry St. Clair
President and Founder, Reach Out Youth Solutions

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